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Sep 26th – Oct 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th 2023

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Learn and share experiences with professionals from Lean Global Network. Discover best practices, success stories and industry breakthroughs.
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Lean Transformation Case Studies


Module 1

Waste as an opportunity

In this module, you will learn the true meaning of “value for the customer”, how to distinguish value from waste, and how a whole strategy to become a top performing organization can be built on this practice.

We will discuss why lean is fundamental for the improvement of the construction sector and introduce a comprehensive strategic framework to improve a project end to end, from design to final delivery and use.
Company case and Presenter:
Turner US – TBD

LGN Presenters:
Flavio Picchi – Bryant Sanders

Module 2

Look for the best process

In this module, you will learn how to look at your company and at your construction site from a processes and value streams perspective.

You will understand how lean management can help you to improve the work end to end. We will especially concentrate on improving planning and the way the work is carried out. We will introduce the concept of flow and explain the importance of
ensuring the workplace is highly visual and tidy.

Company case and Presenter:
HTB Brazil – Thomas Martin Diepenbruck – Technical Superintendent – HTB Engenharia e Construcao S.A

LGN Presenters:
Didem Ugurlu – Luca Martinello – August Casanovas

Module 3

Lean, BIM and collaboration across the supply chains

In this module, you will understand why your company is not an island and how Lean can help you to develop a relationship with your suppliers that is based on collaboration. If you are trying to introduce BIM, this module will also teach you how lean can help you create a company environment that leverages BIM and digitalization to their fullest.

Company case and Presenter:
Francisco Lendinez – COO & Board Member at Group Construcia SL

LGN Presenters:
Didem Ugurlu – Luca Martinello – August Casanovas

Module 4

Develop people and change the culture

In this module, you will learn how Lean helps you to attract and retain talent and to develop people. People expect to feel a sense of purpose at work, as well as a nice working environment and the possibility to grow professionally and personally. Lean is a strategy to teach people how to tap into their full potential and to become autonomous problem solvers – which is critical for you to able to respond rapidly to market needs.

Company case and Presenter:
Socovesa – Confirmed Daniela Bertin Manager Socovesa Chile

LGN Presenters:
Rodrigo Calderón – Jaime Morales

Module 5

Lead the change

A Lean transformation starts with you. Your role as a leader is to kick start and lead change. This module will help you understand how your leadership style and behaviors have a direct impact on your chances to succeed in your company’s transformation. In this module, you will learn how you and your managers should act to ensure everyone in the company contributes to the turnaround of the business.

Company case and Presenter:
Constructora Bolívar Colombia – Diego Ospina – Construction Manager

LGN Presenters:
Gerardo Bolívar – Héctor Rincón

Workshop learning objectives

  • Learn the most important Lean concepts and how to apply them to the reality of the organization.
  • Understand how the Lean Transformation Framework is applied in construction.
  • Learn how top management leadership is fundamental to the deployment of Lean thinking.
  • Comprehend how developing people problem solving skills and creating a lean culture are fundamental for a sustainable transformation.
  • Understand Lean as a strategic business management system , rather than just a set of tools and software.
  • Learn from experts in the construction industry and from companies that have already started their Lean journey with real cases.

Workshop format

5 Modules

3 hours each

5 weeks

The 5-week course is organized in five 3-hour modules covering the five areas that you must work on to establish Lean as a system for change in your construction company.

Each module will be composed of:

• A brief introduction to lean concepts
• A construction company presenting their case
• Group activities to share and learn with the other participants
• Optional homework to strengthen your understanding of the concepts presented

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Flávio Augusto Picchi
President Lean Institute Brasil

Bryant Sanders
Senior Coach Lean Enterprise Institute

Didem Uğurlu
Architect Lean Institute Turkiye

Luca Martinello
Lean Management Consultant Italy

August Casanovas
Senior Coach Lean Institute Spain

Rodrigo Calderón
President Lean Institute Chile

Jaime Morales
Construction and Mining Manager

Gerardo Bolívar
Project Manager Lean Institute Colombia

Héctor Rincón
Project Manager Lean Institute Colombia

Robert Grimes
Director of Lean at Turner Construction Company

Thomas Diepenbruck
Technical Superintendent at HTB

Daniela Bertin
Manager Socovesa Construction Chile

Diego Ospina
Construction Manager at Constructora Bolivar

Francisco Lendinez
COO & Board Member at Grupo Construcia SL

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